Barracuda tongs


Designed to be your helper while cooking in the pan in the kitchen (or while hiking/camping).

The front end of the Barracuda is heat-resistant up to 460°F.

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The Barracuda is the only kitchen multi tool available on the market that offers this combination of 5 separate functionalities

Being able to mix these functionalities, without the need to change the tool in your hand, makes cooking at home or when camping even more enjoyable.

When you use the Barracuda, you simply:

(1) Tong: grab pasta, vegetables or salad with the toothed tong

(2) Scoop: add sauce or simply scoop up rice by using the scoop

(3) Strainer: let fluids flow away with the help of the strainer

(4) Scraper: use it as a scraper when making scrambled eggs

(5) Sit up: put it down and it will sit up to prevent the kitchen counter from getting dirty