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Colorful 3d paper art flowers in various shades of blue and yellow on a gradient background.
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I'm sorry but, if you're buying any other wax melts you're wasting your money. THESE wax melts last between 3 to 4 days!!! The scent is like nothing you will find at your local grocery know the one. Hartness Home-goods is THE wax melt and candle shop of your dreams. My two favorites are Witch's Brew and Nag Champa. But I also love Hippie days, Harvest, and Gator's Breath. She'll keep you on your toes with new scents, so ya best keep up!


I can't recommend this company enough. It is ran by an amazing person and she puts her heart and soul into each hand poured candle!


WOW! I am so impressed! The smell of Nonnys house was SO good, I could smell it as soon as I opened the box! Such cute packaging, you can see how much love went into every part of the process. shipping was so fast! I would recommend and will be shopping again!


I finally lit this candle today, after it sat there for a week, and OMG I wish I lit it sooner!! The scent is amazing, I love it. Also I have never lit a candle and the aroma instantly fill the room the way this one did. Misa has made an amazing product! I will definitely be purchasing more candles!


These candles are well made and smell amazing! Thanks for making a great product.


I sure do love my candles! I got 3 different scents and they all burn well and the scent doesn’t overwhelm - it’s light and great!


The candles smell delicious & burn evenly. The scent lingers nicely after candle is put out, even in a pet house hold like mine. Update: I recently ordered another glass candle. I'm usually VERY careful with them well, I'm clumsy and ended up dropping it on a tile floor ( As I was opening it) , I panicked. ITS PERFECTLY FINE! Idk what glass is used but, if you're a goof like me... Its sturdy. Lol


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If you're in search of the perfect present, look no further than our assortments of gifts! With our curated selection, you're sure to find the ideal gift for everyone on your list, whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion.

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Commitment to Quality

We pick the very best so you can be assured of the quality. There can be no compromises when it comes to materials, ease of wear, and durability.

⭐️ These lightweight pants are PERFECT for this hot weather, and also a great transition piece into fall. They’re comfy and adorable! ⭐️
➡️ Online and at Lil Shops of Anahuac
‼️ These Judy Blue skinnies are just - so cute. I knew if I tried them on, they’d be coming home with me. 😩
➡️ I’m 5’2 and they aren’t too long. A nice cuff at the bottom is perfect!
⭐️ Valid July 4 - July 6 ⭐️

Online or in store! 
*Excludes sale items and Judy Blue Jeans*
✨ This bag is SO cute and has so much room! It can hold up to a 16” laptop inside.
✨ Very limited numbers. Video of details in comments.
⭐️I don’t know who needs to hear this, but show those arms! They are uniquely yours and have done amazing things. I bet they give the best hugs. Let them free!⭐️
Btw - new bralettes coming soon!
⭐️ July 4th is coming and this is the perfect outfit to look cute and stay cool! Sizes small-3x available.
✨ Need a fancy tea cup while you’re watching your favorite show or reading your favorite book? These come with saucers that are great for a spoon rest! Get them at 411 Willcox St in Anahuac. ✨
❤️ These are recycled cotton rugs. Each one is hand made in Sour Lake, Tx. They are machine washable and great for MANY uses. Get them at 411 Willcox St in Anahuac. ❤️
😍 Carrie just looks so pretty in this outfit! I’m so thankful to call her a friend (that is an amazing model!)
⭐️ These items are available at 411 Willcox St in Anahuac or at
🏖️ These beach towels are cute and 5’ around! Available online and at 411 Willcox St in Anahuac. 🏖️
This is gonna be a real post - as a boutique owner, I get lots of people coming in to try on clothes. 
It breaks my heart to hear “I don’t like my body in this.”
I always try to give positive commentary , but I get it. The question I want you to reflect on when trying on clothes ANYWHERE is “How do you FEEL in the outfit? Before you pick yourself apart.”
🔆Back to our regularly scheduled program!🔆
⭐️Come see me and my two helpers!⭐️
❤️ When I tell you - these pants are so COMFY and cute, I mean it. Perfect as loungewear or to run errands. Effortless fashion is my FAVORITE. ❤️
✨If you haven’t tried Fredericksburg Farm items, you’re missing out! They smell amazing and feel so good on the skin! 
➡️ Get them at 411 Willcox St in Anahuac or at
🔆 You NEED this outfit for the summer. 🔆
PFLAG Beaumont/Southeast Texas Pride Fest! ❤️
⭐️ This is my sign for the event tomorrow, but felt it was fitting for everyone! 👃🏻
Sorry for the inconvenience.
⭐️ These pants are just 💋 perfection. They’re comfy and cute! Perfect with flip flops and a cute top like the ones pictured. You’ll be ready for summer in NO time! 
🫶🏻 Available at 411 Willcox St. in Anahuac.
⭐️ I will be taking these days to see family, celebrate my mom, my dad, my nephew and my niece! Thank you for understanding! Come see me before or when I get back.
☀️ Summer is calling our names! Who’s ready for vacations? This SUPER cute romper is available at the store and online. I don’t have many left, so be sure to swing by and grab yours! This is perfect for a weekend bbq or as a swimsuit cover. It’s also easy to dress up for church or brunch with friends.
💄 Model is wearing a medium.
🌸 Custom wax melts will always be one of my favorite items to make. Pictured are favors I put together for a baby shower. Light pink flowers with mica powder coating to add shimmer. The boxes are just perfect.
💋 Fragrance is Pomegranate Pout
⭐️ Don’t forget it’s teacher appreciation this week! Free gift wrapping always available.
⭐️ Theresa (my mannequin) got a makeover! This jumper is so comfy and cute. I carry small-3x in all of my clothes. Come see what I have at the store. 
💋 Make sure to come sniff the new fragrance, Pomegranate Pout! 
⭐️ Tuesday - Friday 9:30am-5:30pm and Saturday 9:00-3:00pm at 411 Willcox St. in Anahuac
⭐️ Friends and family: if you don’t know anything about Making Memories for Myles, I URGE you to please research their mission. What they do is SO important and something I wish I had at one point in my life.
⭐️ That being said, if you didn’t already know, I make the custom candles and wax melts for them. It is an AMAZING fragrance. (If I do say so myself)
⭐️ ALL of that to say - they need NEW baby blanket donations. I can take the donations here at the shop and make sure they get to them. If you know anyone that sews, crochets, knits or quilts and they’re looking for something to do/give to, this is the one!
🦞 Honestly, this day should be  be more openly celebrated, right?! 
⭐️ Luckily, we’re right next to Crawfish Hideaway - Anahuac, TX! Happy National Crawfish Day, guys!
I’m baaaaccckkkkkkkkk 🙃
You all have been wonderful about dealing with my part time hours while I had another job! 
Now that tax season is *mostly* over, I’m back at Lil Shops of Anahuac with even more hours for you to shop!!
🌞 My booth at Key Pieces, Llc. received a BEAUTIFUL makeover! (thanks, Mom!)
🎁 Lots of your favorite items were restocked plus plenty of new items to experience!
🌞 I hear there’s some sort of event on Monday…. I feel like Summer Sunset and Moonlight are the perfect candles for this. 🌙
✨ I mean 💁🏻‍♀️ this outfit is everything! And the jeans are STRETCHY!
🐊 Gator Breath, anyone? This Hartness HomeGoods staple is eucalyptus vanilla. I hear that’s EXACTLY what gator breath smells like. 😹
🌞 What a fun color combo! 🩵🧡
✨ Lots of changes happening over here, but I’m still happy to help you with your gift shopping (and wrapping!)
✨ I got to visit the Lone Star Candle Supply showroom! Let me tell you, it was beautiful and I picked up some WONDERFUL new fragrances! ✨
✨ Well, we made it to Dallas Market Center! So many awesome items! ✨
✨ My new sign is so beautiful!!!! ✨
👃🏻Come smell all these beauties on Saturday, 3/9 from 10am - 4pm at Lil Shops of Anahuac!
✨ I have lots of new followers and I figured I could take a second to introduce myself! Thank you all for following and supporting this dream of mine.
✨ My products are located at Lil Shops of Anahuac, Key Pieces, Llc. or
🌞 Summer Sunset has arrived! 
✨ Get it in store at 411 Willcox St. or at
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