Hand-poured, wood-wick candles made with premium fragrance oils. Small batches made weekly.

Four candles in containers placed on a surface, with three having white wax and decorative elements on top, and one with a yellowish-orange wax.
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Your new favorite scents in 12 ounce jars!

Our 12-ounce wood wick candles are great for large rooms. Each candle is hand crafted in a sleek ceramic jar. From mixing, pouring, decorating, labeling (and everything in between) our candles are made with love.

Special Touches

Themes to Fit the Scent

Each of our candles is imprinted with fun designs to add a little bit of fun to each candle opening. From little gators to bubbling cauldrons of deliciousness.


Made In Small Batches

Each of our candles is hand-poured into our custom glass jars. Every fragrance is hand-picked for unique scents to brighten a room and create lasting memories.

Our manufacturing setup! Full candle cauldron ready to fill your next order.

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